“Silkworms to the death of silk, wax torch ashes tears dry.” Has been a classic praise of the teacher. As a teacher’s day, Teachers’ Day, Nurses’ Day and journalists’ Day are also called three new holidays in China. The origin of Teacher’s Day can be traced back to the Han Dynasty.

During the reign of Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty, the entity school equipped with teachers has been formed. On the birthday of Confucius, the emperor would lead the civil and military officials to the Confucius Temple to worship and entertain the teachers for dinner. At that time, Confucius’ birthday was not designated as Teachers’ Day, but teachers began to enjoy holidays and other benefits. After the founding of new China, the ninth session of the sixth National People’s Congress Standing Committee, passed The State Council on the establishment of Teachers’ day, determine the annual September 10 for Teachers’ Day. Since then, China has had a real sense of Teachers’ Day.


In Xianrong, there is also a group of special teachers, they are the master of the engineering department. They are responsible for product development and production in daily life, and also need to enter the production line to provide technical guidance when new products go online.

The master’s craft is varied, not only can complete the customer’s design landing, but also in the sample production process can also put forward their own innovative ideas, increase the functionality and innovation of the product.

Here are some of the gift boxes created by the master


Post time: Sep-05-2022